Bio Fertilizer

Bio Fertilizer is a substance which contains leaving Micro-organisms. Which, when applied to plants, seeds, soil, colonizes the Rhizosphere or the interior of the plant & promotes growth by increasing the supply or availability of nutrients to the host plants.

Our Company owns a World-class R&D Facility with a team consisting of Scientists & Technocrats, continuously striving towards improvising & innovating for best quality products.We follow stringent proven quality methodology in each & every step of product life-cycle from Research & Development to Agricultural Farm Lands.

We are offering different types of Bio Fertilizers like Nitrogen-Fixing Bio Fertilizers (Azotobacter, Azospirillum, Rhizobium & Glucanoacetobacter sps), Phosphate Solubalizing Bio Fertilizer, Potash Mobilizing Bio Fertilizer & Micro Nutrient Based Bio Fertilizer.

We are offering all the Bio Fertilizers in Liquid, Powder & Granule Forms.